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Live Internet Certification Training Saves Travel Time and Expenses

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Live Internet Skype or Traditional Classroom Certification Training Programs Including, All Parts of Collector Training in Accordance With DOT 49CFR Part 40.         

"This Is the Complete Course!"

"FREE Shipping" of all Training Materials, Including Training Manual, DOT Required Hands-on Proficiency Test Kits, and Lab Forms

Drug Collector Certification Training


Drug Collector Instructor   Certification Training

For U.S. Dept. of Transportation Required Drug Testing Training

(Including DOT Required Refresher Training)

More than 20 Years of Providing Drug & Alcohol Testing and Certification Training Solutions for Our Customers

When You Need Training and Certification, Contact us.   

Live Training, With Experienced Instructors, is The Best Way To Learn.



Our live 1-day complete training class includes:    

  • All Required Training To Conduct Collections

  • An Experienced Instructor

  • Opportunity to Ask Questions face-to-face with Instructor 

  • All Training Materials Included

  • Free Shipping of all Training Materials

  • All of Our Courses Are Complete With No Additional Training In Order To Conduct Collections.






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OccuHealth Solutions, Inc. offers three training solutions for companies or individuals who want to become Certified as a Urine Drug Collector or a Urine Drug Collector Instructor to conduct collections or training for drug testing in accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation Regulations (DOT) 49 CFR Part 40:


  Now You Can Choose How You Would Like to Be Trained:

1. Live Internet Skype One-on-One Training and Certification From Your Office or Home

The convenience of Live Internet via Skype Drug Collector or Drug Collector Instructor Training will:

  • Save you time and travel expenses 
  • Offers great flexibility in scheduling times and dates for your training, including weekends
  • Training on-line from your home or office

 To Register for a Live Internet Class just contact us at 972-985-9738, and we will pay the shipping and send you the following:

  • Urine Drug Collector or Urine Drug Instructor Manual
  • Training supplies, including DOT forms & Kits 
  • Instructors Will Receive a PowerPoint Presentation With Everything that you will need for you to conduct your own Certification classes. 


2. Traditional Classroom Training for Drug Collector and Instructor Training at Our Corporate Training Center

Traditional Classroom Training for Urine Drug Collectors and Urine Drug Collector Instructors is available at our Corporate Training Center.  To register for training at our Training Center, please contact us at 972-985-9738. 


3. Traditional Classroom On-Site Drug Collector or Instructor Training at Your Location

On-Site Drug Collector or Instructor Training at your Company Location is an option that may be best for your organization. 

  • If your organization has several individuals who require immediate Certification, OccuHealth Professional Trainers can schedule on-site training at your location. 
  • To Schedule a Traditional Classroom Training class at your location, please contact us at 972-985-9738.


OccuHealth offers a flexible "live on-line training" schedule that allows training all days of the week, including weekends, to assist in meeting your busy schedule.

No Prerequisites Required to become a Drug Collector or  a Drug Collector Instructor.

What Will I Learn in the

"Urine Drug Collector Instructor"

 Training Class?  

If you would like to be able to Train and Certify your staff to conduct Urine Drug Collections for DOT required drug tests, then this course will provide Everything that you need.  This 1-day class teaches Instructors how to Train and Certify collectors on the required Qualification Training and Initial Proficiency Demonstrations.

This course will also will train and Certify students as Professional Urine Drug Collectors.  In addition you will receive the training and training materials to conduct your own drug collector training classes for your organization. 

Training materials include a CD which contains the following information to assist you in conducting your Training Classes:

  • A PowerPoint presentation to use in your training

  • A copy of the Drug Collector's Student Manual that allows you to print as many Student Manuals as you will need

  • A template for printing your own certificates

  • Many useful handouts

Our experienced, Certified Instructors provide real-time observation and interaction between the Instructor and Student Instructor.  Our integrated course provides a linkage between the two areas of study which includes knowledge of the DOT drug testing regulations and proficiency in properly conducting collections.

A Drug Collector Instructor provides your organization with the cost saving flexibility of being able to train and Certify your own collectors.  This allows you the ability to schedule training when you need it and eliminates most of the expenses associated with training new collectors. 

To register for a class to be Certified as a Drug Collector or a Drug Collector Instructor, please contact us at contact@DrugCollectorTraining.com or 972-985-9738.

What Will I Learn in the

 "Urine Drug Collector"

 Training Class?

Everything that you will need to conduct urine collections for DOT required drug testing.  This one-day course includes the required Qualification Training and Initial Proficiency Demonstrations.

Qualification Training Includes:

  • Proper completion and transmission of the Federal Custody and Control Form, (CCF) and reasons for testing such as Random, Post-Accident, Pre-employment, Follow-up, Return to Duty, Reasonable Suspicion, and others    

  • Problem Collections (e.g. "Shy Bladder" and Attempts to Tamper)

  • Fatal Flaws, Correctable Flaws, and Correcting Problem Collections 

  • Responsibilities of the Collector

Initial Proficiency Demonstration includes: 

  • Successful completion of 5 required mock collections 

  • Two uneventful collections scenarios 

  • One insufficient quantity 

  • One temperature out of range  

  • Employee refuses to sign CCF & initial seals

Free Shipping of All Your Training Materials!  One Price, No Surprises.

For additional information or to register for a class Contact OccuHealth Solutions, Inc.